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SRP Resumes Manufacturing: “We’re back!”

Announcing availability of Life Jackets and Outboard Cut Suits

Security Race Products is excited to announce that it plans to resume offering outboard cut suits and driver lifejackets. Production will resume soon in 2022.

“We’re very excited to announce that after a two year hiatus, boat racers will be able to order cut suits and life jackets again” stated Gary LaPointe, who will take over all aspects of SRP business, and move all operations in the greater Portland OR area to go along with his long established business, Spectrum Embroidery.

With the retirement of SRP’s lead seamstress in 2018, SRP attempted to outsource the manufacturing of their products, but ultimately found they could not ensure their high standard of quality and competitive prices that their customers had grown to expect from SRP.  Then in 2020 when the pandemic hit, manufacturing ceased altogether.  As the pandemic began to subside, demand increased, and SRP began to seek a way to continue to offer product.  And in the end, it all circled back to the LaPointe family who founded SRP in 1978. Gary LaPointe will be taking over sales and production of SRP Products in Oregon. As many of you long time veteran racers may know, Gary worked with his Dad, Al Lapointe in the 80’s and helped develop the turbine blanket, capsule suit, torso suit and the 6/4 helmet restraint among other products for 18 years before moving to Oregon. Gary has remained involved in SRP thru the years. Tracy (LaPointe) Hitchcock will remain at the Maple Valley WA location running SRP Embroidery. Scott LaPointe will be heavily involved in the transition before moving on, but will remain a consultant for SRP.

At this time, SRP will offer their “EZ-Fit” adjustable lifejackets for unrestrained outboard, inboard and vintage race drivers and capsule suits for the restrained drivers. They will also be producing 2 piece cut suits, jackets and sleeves, out of Kevlar Steel, making them the only current domestic manufacturer selling cut suits for outboard racing.

This will be a gradual “ramp up” to return to production, with the hopes being that full operations will resume in 2023, with the possibility that torso suits and chute jacket will be offered at that time.

During this transition period and for the duration of 2022, all orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first serve basis. Orders should ship on a timely manner, but there is no guarantee of a delivery date as the sewer gets to know their new products and the high quality standards you have come to know. Production should be ready to start sometime in late June, hopefully sooner.

 At this time we are now taking orders by email only, No over the phone orders. For life jackets and cut suits fill the forms out complete and send by email or mail. For other products with no form send email with what you are ordering and your info. Send orders to:   [email protected]

SRP will still be offering Helmets, head & neck devices, cut gloves, cut socks, air system parts, belts, turbine blankets, and tractor puller transmission blankets.

Ultimately, SRP will move to at totally on-line presence, with all orders and fulfillment being handled through the SRP website,  This will allow racers to deal directly with the factory.

For additional information, including product offerings, pricing and order forms, see the website at    or see our factory reps:       Patrick Gleason  [email protected]                                                     – Chris Kenner  [email protected]   –  Bill Miller   [email protected]