A 50% DEPOSIT will be required on most orders.

A 100% DEPOSIT on International orders and non-SRP product orders.

We Accept : Cash – Checks – Visa – Master card –  Discover card – Money orders.   Gift Cards Available


Upon delivery to the customer, for period of 60 days, customer can send the product back to SRP for any defects or alterations by fault of the manufacture that need to be made to the product at no extra charge. SRP will ship fixed product back at no extra charge unless products needs to be rushed shipped, then customer is responsible for the shipping charges.


  • Any failure do to maintenance
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by misuse
  • Product that has been altered, changed or repaired other than SRP
  • Used products sold from original customer


No orders can be picked up by or shipped to customer without being paid in full, unless they are a whole sale customer. All prices are subject to change without notice. All safety apparel meets racing association standard. (Check your rule book for guidelines.) All SFI products will include proper rating tags & date tags that they require. A restocking fee of 10% to 20% may be charged on returned  products and shipping charges will not be refunded. No returns or refunds on custom orders.


All SFI approved products made by SRP can only be inspected and recertified by SRP. We will inspect and determine if a SFI 20 suit can be recertified or will need to be replaced. If not a SRP suit then all we can do is replace the suit. SRP can not alter or recertify any SFI product(s) made by another manufacture. NO ACCEPTIONS


Place your order and upon completion of payments, we will then proceed with your order in the proper order that last payment was receive.


Products being shipped will be shipped by UPS or US Mail, unless another carrier is preferred by customer. Customer is responsible for shipping cost unless other wise stated. C.O.D orders are certified check or money orders unless given credit card # or is approved by SRP. Foreign shipments will be paid in full before the are shipped. SRP is not responsible for shipment once received by provided carrier. SRP can not track shipments once they have reached customs.


When sending a recertification or repair to SRP, PLEASE enclose a note requesting what needs to be done and includes a phone #, return address, due date and payment method. Without this note SRP will not work on products until contacted by customer.

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